The Rose-中心介绍-武汉大学大学生心理健康教育中心

音评 The Rose

The Rose


some say love 
it is a river 
that drowns tender reed 
some say love 
it is a razor 
that leaves your soul to bleed 
some say love 
it is a hunger, 
that endless aching need 
i say love 
it is a flower 
and you it's only seed 
it's the heart afriad of breaking 
that never learns to dance 
it's the dream afriad of waking 
that never takes the chance 
it's the one who won't be taken 
who can not seem to give 
and the soul afraid of dying 
that never learns to live 
when the night has been too lonely 
and the road has been too long 
and you think 
that love is not only for the lucky and the strong 
just remember in the winter 
far beneath the bitter snow 
lies the seed 
that with the sun's love 
in the spring becomes the rose 


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